Guided Fly Fishing Trips Deschutes River

Our Guided Lower Deschutes Fly-Fishing Trips

Griff Marshall Outdoors specializes in guided Lower Deschutes River fly-fishing trips. For the last decade, this has been a singular passion, one we take massive enjoyment sharing with others. If you’re an experienced angler wishing to test yourself against the wiliest of fish, or a newbie simply interested in finding out what all this fly-fishing fuss is about, the Lower Deschutes is where you want to be. Griff and his crew will sculpt the perfect day for you depending on your experience level. More than anything, we want you to fall in love with the river as we have. We want you to remember the place and your time there fondly. We want you to spread the word about what a magical, pristine Wild and Scenic river canyon it is. And we want you to come back and Live Outdoors with us year after year!

Guided Lower Deschutes River Day Trips        

Single Day Fly-fishing Guided Trips

There is a great reason that generations of anglers from all over the world have made fly fishing the Lower Deschutes River a bucket list item. There are few more iconic rivers in the vast legend of fly fishing. Every natural element of the Lower Deschutes will stimulate your senses and challenge what you think you know about big river canyons. Whether you’re a hard-core angler or someone who simply appreciates wild beauty, a day on the Lower Deschutes River will change your perception of the fly-fishing aesthetic. For eight hours you will experience immersion many only dream about. From ramp to ramp, it’s just you and an ancient canyon full profound history, framed by towering basalt pillars. We make sure that the time spent drifting between fishing spots is just as captivating as the time spent trying to fool one of the native Redband rainbow trout. The “Day Stretch” is a ten-mile adventure deep into fly-fishing lore. Click here to learn more about a Lower Deschutes River day trip.

Guided Lower Deschutes River Camp Trips  

Multiple Day Fly-fishing Guided Trips
Live along the majestic river
Deluxe “Accommodations”

The Multi-Day Camp Trip is easily the adventure we take the most pride in running on the Lower Deschutes River. There is no place like the thirty-four-mile run between the ramps at Trout Creek and Harpham Flat  we call the “Camp Stretch”. It takes us through some of the most beautiful, pristine and remote river canyon in the lower forty-eight. Mile after mile, hour after hour, day after day it’s just us and river. Days are spent romancing the native trout and wild steelhead. Nights are spent under the thickest blanket of stars you’ve ever imagined. We refer the camping experience as “Glamping”, which means you’ll sleep in oversized, comfortable tents and eat ridiculously delicious meals. This stretch of river is where we’d all go with three or four day to spare. Click here to read all about our Camp Trips on the Lower Deschutes.

Lower Deschutes River Steelhead Trips   

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For those wanting an immersion into the great legend of summer-run steelhead on a fly rod, a guided Lower Deschutes River fly-fishing trip with Griff Marshall Outdoors is the way to do it. These fish have attracted generations of anglers from every corner of the world. No other steelhead run has created more lore, more of an attraction.  While runs vary in size and exact time of the year, the Lower Deschutes has fairly consistent action from late-July through November, depending on which stretch of river you’re on. There are both wild and hatchery fish, averaging 5-8 pounds, but don’t be lulled into complacency by their size. These fish are pound-for-pound as nasty as they come. You don’t have to look very hard to find the books written, videos made and stories passed along about this renowned fishery. Whether you’re determined to get one on the swing, or cool with using nymph techniques, we know where these fish live and the best way to get one to attack a fly! Click here for more info.