Deschutes River Multi-Day Camp Trips


The Iconic North Junction Bridge

Without any doubt, a multi-day, fully outfitted Lower Deschutes River fly-fishing camp trip is the one we take the most pride and enjoyment running! One adventure down those thirty-four-miles will illustrate why we’re so passionate about it. If you have two days or five, this is a trip you need to make happen! We’ll provide an adventure you’ll never forget and want to re-live year after year. These trips run anytime from the river opener on April 22nd, during the famous salmonfly hatch in May and June, into the hot, caddis-filled days of summer and all the way through November for incredible trout and steelhead fishing. The stretch of river from Trout Creek to Maupin is quite simply our favorite place to be. Here’s a Blog Post written about our favorite bit of river!

Multiple Day Fly-fishing Guided Trips


There is a good reason why all fly-fishing enthusiasts love the ‘Camp Stretch’ of the Lower Deschutes River: it’s quite simply an angler’s paradise. But not just anglers appreciate it. When it comes to a combination of beauty, remoteness and quality fly-fishing, nowhere else compares. From the open expanse of the first ten miles and into the dramatic, basaltic towers of the Mutton Mountains, the river canyon will absorb your senses and enliven you psyche. The greatest verification for how amazing these trips are, is that most groups book year after year. It’s like an addiction!

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A couple important points: One, you don’t need to be an experienced angler to appreciate a Deschutes River camp trip. We’ve hosted many, many complete beginners who have had the experience of their lives with us. Our guides are patient, helpful and happy to teach anyone willing to learn. Most of us get the greatest enjoyment when a ‘newbie’ catches their first Redband! And secondly, this is not a ‘roughing it’ camping experience. Read the FAQs Page to better understand the lengths we go to create a comfortable life down there. “Glamping” we like to call it!

Another important detail about our Multi-Day Fly-Fishing adventures on the Lower Deschutes River is that these are not hardcore whitewater adventures. There are a couple spectacular rapids, but most of the time in the boat is spent sitting back while we row smooth water and you take in the scenery, which is nothing less than stunning. Typically, we launch at Trout Creek near the town of Madras and spend three or four days fishing our way down to Maupin, thirty-four-miles downriver. Once we’ve pushed away from the ramp, cell phones are put in Airplane Mode, you unplug from the daily grind, and let the canyon take you in. This place and time is our idea of heaven on earth!

Check out the FAQs Page to answer most queries regarding our unforgettable Deschutes River fly-fishing camp trips.

Feel free to email with any additional questions.

2023 Price Sheet for Deschutes River Camp Trips

1 Person                                  $825 per day

2 People                                  $600 per person per day

4 to 8 People                          $550 per person per day


What is Included: Gourmet meals, non-alcoholic beverages, Rods and Reels, Guide Rig Shuttle, All Camp Equipment (except sleeping bag and pillow)

            What is not Included: Flies, Fishing License, Tribal Permit (if necessary), Boater’s Pass (price varies), Waders and Boots, Alcoholic Beverages, Client Vehicle Shuttle

Multiple Day Fly-fishing Guided Trips